Disappear Here

by Callow

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released December 20, 2012

recorded, mixed and mastered by Zach Weeks
artwork by Kimi Hanauer



all rights reserved


Callow Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Awake
Wake up in a cold bed. Wipe the ripe sweat from the pillow. Try to piece together prior days, only to realize you made no mistakes. If that’s the case, then why does it feel like our lives are slipping away? Were we simply born to think this way? I need to disappear. I need to escape.
Track Name: Light
I did all that I knew and turned my head above to find something my mind could finally rest on. I thought I’d find a sign or two in seeking out the sun or the moon, but I was caved and trapped in by a foundation finished on brick and mortar. The walls I saw were white. Where was the light? There was nothing bright enough to shine me a path, so I broke down and found my own.
Track Name: Glass Eyes/Broken Home
Streetlights never felt more comforting when they led me to your home, not mine. Your vivacious voice dried my dampened heart and gave it warmth, a place to stay, when you pulled me in for the first time. I’ll never forget staring into those glass eyes, the ones that reflected back to me a shattered past. I wanted to keep what I thought we had, like you were a tainting fire and I was the one that could kindle you anew. You never gave me the chance.
Track Name: Convict Code
Tomorrow never showed its face. Instead, that notion became five long days of waiting. With a young patient, I’d watch from a window as the day passed by. From a distance, the image of his shackled home reminded him of childhood. Years later, why were we confined and not freely roaming like we once did outside? Was this a sign that our innocence had died? I was told there was no need to fight such uncertainty anymore because when we left, I’d never again have to walk alone.
Track Name: Understudies
When did our youth fade to nothingness? Where were you during all of this? How could I ever have lost my sense of self? I remember dreaming of a world without me in it at an early age. These days, I often dream the same. As I watched on at the burial, seeing every reaction shook me up. Their accumulative fear, enough to scare a ghost away, choked me up. The collective love in the air, ever so true. The scene was so real. I’ll never forget the look on his face as he stared down at my grave, head low but grinning. He knew I had tried my best.
Track Name: Asleep
In my return to the ghost town, I think I focused more on the skyline than you, noticed “I couldn’t feel the full moon’s love.” Was it because you were hiding it “in case some premature reflection of the sun might have come?” Maybe you were “too afraid I’d take it in with that summer’s sweat.” And so I did, but you didn’t know that yet. It seems we’re all falling to the middle of the street, begging for anything to put us to sleep, to take us anywhere but here. This can’t be all there is. I won’t let go, as long as my eyes can stay open for the start of a new day. I’m afraid of the future, yet so satisfied to know that we can continue to breathe. We will never let go.